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Legal document management software

Legal document management software

The leading 'front office' productivity and matter management tool for small law firms and conveyancers, which includes features such as:

  • Central & customisable database

  • Matter information & workflow management

  • Document, email & file management

  • Precedent management & automation

  • Online matter centric legal research management

  • Relationship management (clients & other parties)

Legal document management software

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LEAP Documents is legal software that includes access to all the legal precedents, legal forms, and rates and charges and provides the advanced document automation you need to increase your productivity dramatically. LEAP Documents will change the way you work - creating an electronic file at your fingertips. When a client or other party calls, you no longer need to retrieve the paper file.

You can search and find a matter within seconds, open it, and have instant access to the matter's status, the parties involved and the documents that have been created for the matter. Staff are able to add documents to the matter from external sources including emails, enabling you to view incoming correspondence and so obtain a more complete picture of the status of the matter.

Have everything you need in one place

With LEAP Documents you have an Electronic File for each matter.

At a glance you have:

  • All the documents sent and received in the matter

  • Client information

  • Enhanced matter information customised for your needs

  • Details of all parties involved

  • Powerful matter reporting

  • Matter Agendas

Instead of telling the client that you cannot find the file, you will quickly and easily reference the required information that you and any member of your team has created for the matter. So even if your assistant is on leave, or the matter is being dealt with by another lawyer you will demonstrate that you run an efficient and professional legal practice.

Even your online searches are performed seamlessly from within LEAP Documents and the search results and diagrams automatically stored against the matter. For even greater convenience, the disbursements are also recorded and passed through to the accounting system ready for invoicing.

Having everything you need in one place will make your work day more pleasurable, will reduce non-chargeable wasted time and will enable you to provide an enhanced level of client service thereby gaining a competitive advantage.

Have precedents covering all common areas of law

that are constantly updated

LEAP has an extensive set of automated precedents constantly updated to keep your precedents compliant. You have a single database where all matter data is stored and which merges into the correct precedent every time. The dangers of using the incorrect precedent are reduced and staff training costs are minimised. You will find that your staff love using LEAP!

Keeping precedents up-to-date has never been easier. Our unique online updating service means that with a single click of the mouse all your precedents are updated automatically from the LEAP Server. Version control ensures that you retain the original and updated versions on your system with detailed usage audit trails.

So by using LEAP precedents you:

  • Know that the legal content is up to date

  • Optimise productivity benefits

  • Minimise the cost of keeping your precedents up to date.

New areas of law are constantly being added as the user base expands.


Manage email and all other correspondence by matter

For many lawyers email and other methods of electronic communication is commonplace and is rapidly replacing traditional mail. As a result, referring to the paper file alone carries the risk that some electronic correspondence will be missed.

LEAP Documents integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook to such an extent that even incoming emails with the matter number in the subject line are automatically duplicated and stored against the matter, completely eliminating the risks that a document will be mislaid or missed.

Sending emails from the matter has never been easier and a great comfort is that an enforced preview function minimises the risks of sending an inaccurate email by mistake or in haste. Matter documents are quickly attached to an email and a range of automated PDF options allows you to "lock down" content in secure PDF format.

Any user with access to LEAP can quickly and easily add scanned items to the matter as well. Your outgoing and incoming faxes are also associated with the matter. You will have an electronic file of all matter information and documents that is instantly available to all users of your system.

Customise your system for specialised legal services

Whatever your area of law LEAP Documents provides a customisable platform for you to incorporate you own special expertise into the system.

You can:

  • Customise matter databases

  • Set up your own precedents with advanced merge capabilities to work with your standard LEAP precedents

  • Control matter workflow by building templates of tasks to be performed for a particular matter-type

  • Easily generate an extensive range of matter management reports to keep you and your clients informed and proactive

  • Optionally publish the information on client Extranets using LEAP Collaborate

So whatever the area of law, and as your needs change, your system will work efficiently and effectively for you.

Run every matter as efficiently as possible

LEAP Documents allows you to do all your legal work as efficiently as possible and is used extensively by firms for transactional work such as mortgage property transfers and debt collection as well as straight forward time recorded work.

The proven combination of:

  • An Electronic File

  • Single source of data

  • Up to date precedents

  • Matter Agendas where tasks (with related documents) are automatically scheduled

  • Integration with modern communication methods such as email

  • Powerful matter progress reporting

will enable you to ensure that every matter is worked on and completed as efficiently as possible thereby minimising administrative costs and maximizing practice profitability.

Functionality relevant for firm of your size includes:

  • A central database for each matter so information is collected once only and used repeatedly for all your matter management and document production purposes

  • Electronic file for every matter that combines all email, documents, faxes, pdf's and other incoming and outgoing correspondence in a single easy to use location

  • Data merging to the most comprehensive and widely used range of legal precedents available covering all common areas of law

  • Legal Research management

  • Online Notifications of legal updates automatically placed into applicable matters

  • Unique online updating of precedents and legal rates and charges eliminating the need for you to do this work

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel and Adobe PDF

  • Online matter centric legal research management

  • Fully integrated company and land searches

  • Workflow templates

  • Task delegation, scheduling and calendaring

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