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Automated legal forms for small law firms

Automated legal forms for small law firms

LEAP develops and maintains the largest and most widely used library of automated legal forms for lawyers covering all major areas of law.

  • Commonly used forms across several jurisdictions

  • On-line updating for easy update access

  • Version & usage history

  • Plain English precedents

  • Automated precedents with database integration

When used with LEAP Office, these forms are fully automated so you can:

  • Easily find the correct form

  • Create the form accurately and quickly merging data from LEAP

  • Automatically save the document to the Electronic Matter.

You also have complete peace of mind of knowing that the forms are up to date.
The unique LEAP online updating system enables you to update all your forms daily at just the click of a button and with no 'down-time'.

Automated legal forms for small law firms

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LEAP Forms are designed to work with LEAP Documents. Precedents may be from various sources:

  • The precedent documents developed and supported by Smokeball

  • Your own precedent documents.

As a user of LEAP Office you will get access to all LEAP Forms for common areas of law. Additional forms are always being added and you become entitled to use these (for your State) as and when they are published.

For further information visit the Smokeball website or Smokeball Blog.


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