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If you need to upgrade your legal software systems to remain competitive you will be concerned about the possible disruption associated with change and you will be anxious to ensure that:

  • Disruption is minimised

  • Your existing legal software IP is preserved as far as possible (eg special precedent documents,
    client and matter data)

  • Your new supplier is capable of implementing your new system and training your staff to take best advantage of your new systems.

LEAP Legal Software has a proven implementation approach that has helped many small law firms and conveyancing businesses to make the change successfully.

Considerations will include:

  • Making your current matter documents available to you in your new system

  • Ensuring that any special precedents that you have are converted to the new system

  • The information in your Safe Custody Register

  • Vital information about your clients and matters and how that information will get into the new legal software system

  • Retention of your accounting including your trust accounting records.

LEAP provides the following standard Transition Options:

  • FreshStart
    If your data is old and out of date, this is an excellent way for you to start with new accounting data.
    We convert your client and matter details, and you then start fresh with clean and reliable balances.

  • Transactions
    As the name implies this option includes the conversion of financial transactions and balances as well.
    Whatever your requirements, we have a quick and affordable way of preserving your firm's investment
    in its existing data and moving you quickly and efficiently to a new LEAP platform.

LEAP has worked through these issues with firms many times and will develop a careful and conservative approach to managing the change.

In addition, LEAP is able to provide an electronic conversion of selected data from a variety of legacy practice management and legal accounting systems.

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